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Solidarity with the Albernia Nursing Home

Because solidarity must be taught through actions, and not theories, our Institution has collaborated with the Albernia Home for the Elderly, in the community of San Isidro de Heredia, since 1999. This institution receives elderly people who have been abandoned by their relatives, and it had always had difficulties in terms of financing.
Our school has proposed to help not only with the economic contribution that is provided with the collaboration of food that is done every three months, but also with the recycling program that they carry out, and with visits, and presentations, of the children make, so the residents can have pleasant time and share the joy that children always radiate.

Our goal is to teach our students, through practice, to share and show solidarity with people in need; in addition to learning to share with those who have the least, to respect and appreciate the elderly and their wisdom, to share material and spiritual goods such as joy, affection and understanding; to sensitize them to the suffering of others, to learn to serve the community in which they live, to develop feelings of human solidarity, and to become aware of the needs of others.

Our Preschool and Elementary students  plan and organize special activities for the elderly for Father's and Mother's Day, as well as one for Christmas, in which presents are brought to the residents of the Home.

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