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UNESCO Associated Schools and Clubs

The Costa Rican Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO has 168 affiliated schools throughout the country, and its mission is to promote knowledge of the different cultures that exist in the world, as a means of developing tolerance, solidarity, and collaboration between people.
Among its purposes is also to train teachers of the different schools to develop a culture of peace that leads to a better understanding between cultures, and the elimination of war as a means of resolving conflicts.
Our Institution has been part of the UNESCO Associated Schools since July 2001, the date on which the application was submitted, and it was in January 2002 when the certificate that accredits us as such was obtained.
The objective of this project is to develop in our Preschool and Elementary school students  a greater understanding and tolerance of individual and group differences, as a means of creating in our school and our community a culture of peace, understanding, tolerance and solidarity.

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