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Frequently asked questions

Can I schedule a visit?

Yes! To expand on the information of our institution, we will assist you at our facilities, Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm. Due to the current situation, each family will be received separately by appointment. It will be a pleasure to receive you!

What are the school hours?

Preschool students receive lessons from Monday to Friday from 7:20 am to 12:20 pm.
Elementary school students receive lessons from Monday to Thursday from 7:20 am to 2:35 pm, and Friday from 7:20 am to 12:50 pm.

Where can I buy the books?

The books used by our students can be purchased directly in our  Institution, at a more affordable price than those on the market, or in the bookstores of your preference through the list of supplies.

What is the uniform?

Our students regularly wear the Institution's shirt, blue jeans, and solid colored tennis shoes. In Physical Education they use the institutional t-shirt and shorts. Additionally, they can wear the school sweater, or one of a similar color, or white. 
All elements of the school's own uniform can be purchased on the premises.

What are the enrollment requirements?

To register you need to present:
-Two passport size photographs
-Grades of the last approved level, when applicable.
-Proof of being up to date with the payments of the school from which the student comes, when applicable.
-Copy of the vaccination card, up to date.
-Copy of the identity card of the person who performs the registration.
-Copy of the student's insurance policy.

Are you accredited by the Ministry of Public Education?

Yes, we are recognized by the Ministry of Education since 1997 under decree 25900-MEP published in La Gaceta on April 9th of that year.

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