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Our mission

We enrich the lives of students

We want our students to develop thanks to the activities we have both inside and outside the classroom. The mission of the Sistema Educativo San Isidro Labrador is to create a place where students can feel free, safe and confident to face all the challenges that come their way. We offer a wide variety of opportunities to help them, in a fun and practical way, to become the best version of themselves.


We are an educational institution that provides our students with high-quality bilingual training, which encourages learning to be, learn to do, learn to know, learn to live in community and love  nature through an education that fosters virtues and critical thinking, and thus achieve an integral development of the personality.

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Our vision

We will be a leading educational institution in the training of individuals capable of integrating into society, confident of themselves, with high moral values and academic excellence, putting into practice the virtues instilled during their stay in the institution in all areas, projecting themselves as good people, productive, and with high desires of academic and spiritual improvement.

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